Led Street Light


CREE +meanwell, >120lm/w for the whole system. 7years warranty

Product Origin:China

Brand:Goode Lighting

Item No:GD-6009

Shipping Port:Shenzhen,Guangzhou


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120Watt 8 Years Warranty LED Street Lights Retrofit Kits

30w LED Street Lights Retrofit Kits


1. Led Lighting Source: Cree-Xlamp XT-E

  • Max. Efficacy at binning conditions 178lm/w
  • Max. Light Output 629lm
  • Max. Power: 5W
  • Max. Driving Cuurent up to 1500mA
  • Typical Forward Voltage 2.85V@350mA
  • Binning and characterization in Tj=85
  • Size: 3.45*3.45mm


2. Power Supply: Meanwell HLG series

  •  Constant Voltage + Constant Current mode output
  •  Matal housing with Class I design
  •  Built-in active PFC function
  •  Class 2 power unit
  •  IP67 Rating for outdoor installation
  •  Function options; output adjustable via potetiometer; 3 in 1 dimming, Timer dimming
  •  Typical lifetime >62000 hours
  •   7 years warranty

3. Optics: Optical assembly: 

  • hermetically sealed providing IP67. Great light uniformity: Thanks to the advance LED Optical systems the fixture maximize the utilization of light onto the target area, improving the uniformity of light.

4. Housing : 

  • Fishbone style high efficiency heat sink, elegant appearance and modular design, each module is 50W . Die cast aluminum housing electrostatically sprayed with a polyester powder paint finish, following anti-corrosion priming, and oven cured at 180oC.

5. Module design:

  •  30W/40W/45W/50W/60W for single module wattage to pack different wattage what you want.

6. Cable: 

  • silicon rubber cable for power input. Fasten with screw in the cable gland.

7. Warranty: 

  • 5 years warranty on the entire luminaire.

8. Certification: 

  • ETL CE RoHS  approval.

9. Datasheet:

Model Wattage Base:  Elevation Led  brand CCT Lumen Beam angle Product size Driver
S01-30W-01 30W D50/D60mm 7°/0°  XTE 3000K 2500lm 55*145° (Asymetric)                90*120° (Symetric) 518*209*162mm Juson
D50/D60mm 7°/0° 4000k 2700lm
D50/D60mm 7°/0° 6000k 2900lm
S01-45W-01 45W D50/D60mm 7°/0° XTE 3000K 3700lm 55*145° (Asymetric)                90*120°  (Symetric) 518*209*162mm Juson
D50/D60mm 7°/0° 4000k 3900lm
D50/D60mm 7°/0° 6000k 4100lm
S01-50W-01 50W D50/D60mm 7°/0° MHB 3000K 5100lm 70*110°  (Symetric) 518*209*162mm Juson
D50/D60mm 7°/0° 4000k 5300lm
D50/D60mm 7°/0° 6000k 5500lm
S01-60W-01 60W D50/D60mm 7°/0° XML 3000K 5300lm 80*135° (Symetric) 620*262*162mm Juson
D50/D60mm 7°/0° 4000k 5500lm Meanwell
D50/D60mm 7°/0° 6000k 5700lm HLG-60H-42A
S01-90W-01 90W D60mm 7°/0° XTE 3000K 7400m 55*145°(Asymetric)                90*120° (Symetric) 755*300*228mm Juson
D60mm 7°/0° 4000k 7800lm Meanwell
D60mm 7°/0° 6000k 8200lm HLG-100H-42A
S01-100W-01 100W D60mm 7°/0° MHB  3000K 10200lm 70*110° (Symetric) 755*300*228mm Juson
D60mm 7°/0° 4000k 10600lm Meanwell
D60mm 7°/0° 6000k 11000lm HLG-100H-42A
S01-120W-01 120W D60mm 7°/0° XML 3000K 10600lm 80*135° (Symetric) 755*300*228mm Juson
D60mm 7°/0° 4000k 11000lm Meanwell
D60mm 7°/0° 6000k 11400lm HLG-120H-42A
S01-135W-01 135W D60mm 7°/0° XTE 3000K 11100lm 55*145° (Asymetric)                90*120°  (Symetric) 862*360*231mm Juson
D60mm 7°/0° 4000k 11700lm Meanwell
D60mm 7°/0° 6000k 12300lm HLG-150H-48A
S01-150W-01 150W D60mm 7°/0° MHB 3000K 15300lm 70*110° (Symetric) 862*360*231mm Juson
D60mm 7°/0° 4000k 15900lm Meanwell
D60mm 7°/0° 6000k 16500lm HLG-150H-48A

10. Installation:

LED Street Lights Retrofit Kits

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